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Re: apt-get wants to remove hotplug?

On Mon, 10 Oct 2005 13:47:52 -0500, Jason Clinton wrote
> On Monday 10 October 2005 01:37 pm, Alejandro Bonilla wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > In Sid, apt-get wants to remove hotplug.
> >
> > Is udev replacing it for good or this is just b0rken?
> >
> > .Alejandro
> Don't do it. See the previous thread titled 'udev'.
> Your mouse will no longer work.
> There's a new version of udev coming soon which can safely replace hotplug.

OK Clinton! ;-)

So, udev is replacing hotplug for good? I guess that I will give it a try
later on...

Also, did anyone try a ipw2100 or ipw2200 with this? Will
/etc/hotplug/firmware agent still work by loading the firmwares with no
additional action from the driver code?


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