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Re: localhost.localdomain

In article <[🔎] 20051006174442.GA12667@bretagne.cn> you wrote:
> I can not remember precisely. I think that at that time I was testing the
> debian-installer and I saw it was taken a long while to boot. I saw
> that my system had no FQDN (hostname -f). When you add .localdomain, the
> FQDN is complete and it helps to solve timeout in several application.

Nope, hostname is not responsible for this.

Yes you need to configure the FQDN in hosts, but not with the
entry. And hostname should also never return this stupid dummy FQDN (however
it does not avoid to do so).

> Anyway I do not understand why this issue is a problem since we
> simply add an alias to localhost.

The problem is that it is the _first_ alias.


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