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When is the C++ transition needed?

I notice that the newest upload of pstoedit has reverted the C++
transition name change; instead of libpstoedit0c2 sid now contains
libpstoedit0, as in sarge.

However, the library exports things with interfaces such as

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" DLLEXPORT
int pstoeditwithghostscript(int argc,
                            const char *
                            const argv[],
                            ostream& errstream,
                            const DescriptionRegister* const pushinsPtr=0

Does this not need transitioning for the ABI change?

For example, if an existing client program passes a subclass of
libstdc++5's ostream as the 'errstream' parameter, will the libstdc++6
version of libpstoedit0 know how to call its methods correctly?

If the answer is, "don't fear, this will actually work", then where is
that documented?  And shouldn't the reasoning be referenced from the
pstoedit changelog, anyway?

Henning Makholm          "So you're nostalgic for a whole two-month period?"

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