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Re: Bug#331528: ITP: debinstaller -- a graphical frontend for installing local .deb packages


> I wonder why nobody did implement that feature before. I imagine
> (without knowing much about APT's internals), the pseudocode would look
> like that:
>  - install command gets the list
>  - if the package does not exist in the cache and the given string is a
>    file, then:
>    - read the metadata of this package
>    - creating a virtual sources set containing that package and inject
>      it somewhere in APTs graph representation. The access method
>      would be "file:", and it should get the highest possible priority
>      (at least higher than any seen priority)
>    - install the prerequisites and then the package with the usual
>      methods
>    fi
> There may be some confusion if some package is really called
> something.deb but AFAICS there is no such package.
> If somebody steps out to implement the feature above, please tell me.
> Otherwise I would try my luck when I get some spare time.

Just creating a temporary ftp-archive with 
dpkg-scanpackages/scansources, or apt-ftparchive,

Add them to apt sources.list, and apt-get update
and apt-get install


to get support for doing something without 
contaminating the main sources.list

3. install.

I would really like that for build-dependency solving
with local file (required for pbuilder).
I just haven't had time to sit down and code and debug
and fight with apt internals.

It would be nice if such tool existed.


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