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Re: renaming mysql++

On Tue, Sep 27, 2005 at 09:41:45AM -0400, Andres Salomon wrote:
> I intend to rename the binary packages for mysql++ with the upload of 2.0.5.
> They've been called libsqlplus* for a while now, which isn't overly
> intuitive (I've had multiple people not realize mysql++ was packaged for
> debian, due to the name).  My choices are either libmysqlpp* (to match
> the library name) or libmysql++*.  Does anyone have any preferences, or 
> any reasons why I shouldn't use ++ in the package name?  Given that g++
> does it, and policy explicitly allows '+', I can't think of any reasons
> not to name it libmysql++*.

one minor point would be "apt-get install" interpreting + and - appended to
package names for manual conflict resolution.so 
"apt-get install ... libmysql++ ..." could have different meanings in different

1. there is a package called libmysql++:
  install the package
2. there is no package with that name:
  prefer the package called 'libmysql+' (note the single plus in the end !)
  for resolving packages in the given command line...

this is not a _real_ technical problem, but it is a bit ugly (I have
implemented a package-availability checker using libapt-pkg-perl for FAI and
exactly this ambiguity caused headaches and/or unnecessairily complex code).

Basically, I can't understand the following thing:
- why it's not forbidden by policy to use these characters as the end of a 
  packagename when they have a special meaning on the apt commandline ?
- or why is apt's command line interpreter changed to a different syntax for
  these special operations if + and - are allowed as the last character of a
  package name ?

c u

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