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Re: How to generate a patch?

su, 2005-10-02 kello 09:20 +0200, Petter Reinholdtsen kirjoitti:
> [Robert Epprecht]
> > I have a suggestion for a new feature of a program which I'd like to
> > sent to the author. What is the exact command to generate the patch
> > in the usual format?
> This was answered on the list not too long ago.  Use for example
> 'diff -ur original yourver' to get the patch between the original and
> your version.

If you have added new files, add the -N option to diff. Before you do
the diff, clean out any files that can be built by make so that changes
to them are not included unnecessarily in the patch. The patch should be
minimal and as easily readable as possible as a plain text file.

If you use CVS, "cvs diff -u" should do the trick. Other version control
systems have a similar command.

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