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Re: Advices needed for moving {add|remove}-shell from passwd to debianutils

Short summary of answers....

Our plan seems correct. Some (Peter Samuelson, Steve Langasek) suggest
it is a bit overflated and synced uploads of fixed packages should be

However, Frans mentioned autobuilders which will not guarantee that
both packages will reach unstable at the same dinstall run for all

Of course, if uploaded at the same time, that should be OK but we have
to deal with Murphy's law: this is why I prefer keeping both packages
installable at all moments...even if it complicates the process.

So, up to now, no change to our plans..:-)

Peter Samuelson mentioned passwd being Essential because it depends on
passwd. This is actually right. However this dependency is just the
consequence of bash needing the add-shell and remove-shell
utilities...so, in the future, bash shouldn't depend on passwd

Other contributors, please continue commenting...

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