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Re: Accepted aptitude 0.3.4-1 (source all i386)

Just a couple of comments:

Daniel Burrows wrote:
>      - New command-line option --schedule-only that just records the
>        requested actions in the state file without actually performing them.
>        (Closes: #312249)

Hmm, I have a feeling it should be possible to use this in tasksel to
let a task be selected but still start aptitude in interactive mode at
the main pckage browser rather than the install screen.

>      - aptitude now cleanly handles being suspended while dpkg is running.
>        (Closes: #137311, #169479)


>      - The password database is used instead of $HOME to determine where
>        aptitude's configuration file goes, so people using sudo don't end up
>        with root-owned mode 0700 files in their home directory.
>        (Closes: #272429, #274216, #285334, #272409)

Well, aptitude and debconf both it seems. Which suggests to me this is a
larger problem. Also note that I got just as many bugs reports after I
made debconf do this as I was able to close by doing it. :-/

see shy jo

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