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Apt, custom packages, and package dependencies

Hello developers, I'm a n00b.

I've got my own little http debian package repository.  It shows up with apt
and dselect.

In this repository I've got a custom package that I'm working on that depends
on a bunch of ldap stuff, and contains configuration files and installation
scripts to install and configure ldap for me.

In this package's control file are the following lines:

  Package: tiem.ldap-server-config
  Architecture: all
  Depends: slapd ldap-utils libnss-ldap libpam-ldap
  Pre-Depends: slapd ldap-utils libnss-ldap libpam-ldap

My problem is, according to dselect, there are no dependencies or
pre-dependencies listed, and apt won't try to install any of the depencies
before installing my package.

Other custom packages that I have built have their dependencies listed in
dselect, but not this one.  And I have both completely erased and rebuilt my
repository on the server and run "apt update" on the client several times.

I figure the problem is in one of two places.  Either:

a) There's a cache file somewhere that apt isn't updating when I type "apt
update", or

b) There's a file that needs to be updated on my repository -- even though
I've totally deleted and rebuilt the repository several times.

Anybody have any idea where I would go about finding out what's wrong?

Thanks for your help,

Michael Peek

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