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Re: attention to bug 321435

On Sep 30, 2005, at 1:46 AM, Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:

Please see http://bugs.debian.org/321435.

This bug is that gs-gpl fails to work on s390.  I recall just seeing
a principal s390 developers say he was no longer doing the Debian s390
port.  I don't know what effect this has on the bug.

This bug is blocking a number of packages, at the very least, ifhp and
scummvm.  Something needs to happen...

I'm not sure what.

I wrote to Gerhard Tonn indicating my willingness to be a maintainer of last resort if no one more suitable for the s390 port stepped forward, but I did not receive a reply and I do not know whether someone else has been found. It's not clear to me that the buildd maintainer's duties exactly are, or, critically, how much time per week it takes.

I guess that the thing to do is to build gs-gpl with debugging turned on, as well as scummvm, and try to find out in what function things are rupturing. I'm going to hazard a guess that it's an assumption about signed/unsigned characters, but that's purely a guess based on what my gut feeling for most of the portability bugs I've seen on s390 are about. I myself am not likely to have time to do this before the middle of next week.


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