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Re: How to prevent a library transition

* Frank Küster (frank@debian.org) [050928 14:54]:
> Wouldn't it be possible to do the following: teTeX-3.0 is uploaded to
> unstable, including the libkpathsea4 and libkpathsea4-dev packages (it
> uses the library itself), but at the same time libkpathsea3 and
> libkpathsea-dev are still available as oldlibs, AND libkpathsea4-dev
> does *not* provide libkpathsea-dev.

That would work for the library issue, and would "only" makes some
packages FTBFS because tetex changed (but I can think we can live with
that). Even better, if you do it right, you can change the
libkpathsea-dev to libkpathsea4-dev if TeTeX-3.0 has reached testing,
and then the depending programs will slowly flow in (and that library
transition wouldn't be as blocking as a normal one).


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