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Re: Authentication problem with pbuilder

On Wed, 28 Sep 2005, Jeroen van Wolffelaar wrote:

It works with fakeroot, the user the build runs at is configureable in
/etc/pbuilderrc. The reason you require root for the whole thing is because of
unpacking the chroot, chrooting itself, installing build dependencies, and
purging the chroot again.

But this can be done via

     sudo /usr/sbin/pbuilder

inside pdebuild.  If pdebuild is a convenience - script it would be *really*
conveniet only if I can call it as normal user.  If not it makes no real sense
to put it in /usr/bin and should go to /usr/sbin.

There is also the


line and if you look into the code of pdebuild you find

    ${PBUILDERROOTCMD} pbuilder execute ...
    ${PBUILDERROOTCMD} pbuilder build

I see no other code inside pdebuild which would really need root permissions.

Coming back to my original question: It seemed to me that a

    sudo su

would be required and I wonder why.

Kind regards



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