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Re: Authentication problem with pbuilder

On Wed, 28 Sep 2005, Ricardo Mones wrote:

I guess I have to set a further sudo permission here but for what program?
It is 'sudo su' ?  I would not really like this even if it is convinient.

 For /usr/bin/pdebuild, and invoke "sudo pdebuild".

Uhmm, why that?  I do not want to run the whole process as root.  This
would immediately trigger the feeling I have to write a bug report.

 BTW, this question is more for d-mentors than for d-devel ;-)

If your answer is really correct I'm happy that I posted it here for
the sake of lazyness, because I'm not subscribed to d-mentors.  IMHO
package building should work with fakeroot and should not require root

Kind regards



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