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Re: slgdbm_1.6-2_i386.changes is NEW

Rafael Laboissiere wrote:

[Moving this discussion to debian-devel.  The context is the recent upload
of the slgdbm package, which is the fisrt package in Debian to provide an
SLang2 module.  Please, keep Cc: to pkg-jed-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org]

* G. Milde <g.milde@web.de> [2005-09-27 08:19]:

On 26.09.05, Paul Boekholt wrote:

I should have brought this up sooner, but isn't slfoo too shortish
for a debian package name?  The perl policy says:
naming convention for module Foo::Bar is libfoo-bar-perl.

The Python naming scheme seems to be python-foo.
I vote vor slang-foo. (Not only because I like python more than perl, but
because this way slang modules will appear close to slang in an alphabetical
listing (e.g. in aptitude or `ls /usr/share/doc/`).

There is no policy in Debian regarding packages which provide SLang2
modules.  Maybe we should write a draft and put it in one of the slang2
packages?  Alastair, what do you think?

My preference is for slang-foo, as it is more visible that it is
a slang-related, rather than a generic DSO; slang-gdbm is more interesting to a slang developer than to a gdbm one, and this shows that.

It appears php and common lisp, follow the $lang-foo naming scheme,
with ruby going the perl direction.

I can write up a short policy specifying it and include it in the next copy
of slang2. Please CC: me on any relevant comments.


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