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Re: libpng10(/2) gone, [gdk-]imlib1 and GNOME 1 going -- check your packages

Le mardi 27 septembre 2005 à 00:05 -0400, Nathanael Nerode a écrit :
> libpng2 and libpng10 are gone.
> This has caused quite a lot of uninstallable packages which either need
> new uploads or removal (listed below).  In addition, imlib1 and gdk-imlib1
> exist solely for libpng10 support (imlib11 is essentially the same upstream
> for libpng12) and will presumably be removed.

> Is a mass bug filing warranted?  :-P

I've already filed bug reports asking to rebuild all these packages
against libpng12. The real issue is the imlib1 maintainer is orphaning
his packages and no one stepped up to maintain them.
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