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Re: planet.debian.org vs. blog illiteracy

On 26/09/05, Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> wrote:
> Dick Davies wrote:
> > And most of the blogs block comments, which is infuriating. There is
> > blog software out there that allows them without getting hacked/filled with
> > spam every other day, you know......
> Web forums (including blog comments) are useless.

blanket statements are always wrong :)

> If you want to comment
> on someone's blog post, use a useful means of communication to do it.

A lot of the planet debain blogs don't have contact details, and seem to rely
on trackbacks for feedback.

That's fair enough but it is annoying to see something you want to add
to or correct and have to set up a blog of your own to do it.

Plenty of other blogs have feedback facilities, it's not rocket science.

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