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Re: planet.debian.org vs. blog illiteracy

Quoting Andreas Tille <tillea@rki.de>:
> Thanks for this hint - I just skipped this thread because I regarded
> it relevant for blogs (and thus not for me).  But I do not really want
> a new list - I just want technical information neither spread to debian-devel
> and planetdebian nor debian-devel and an assumed debian-planet mailing list.
> I just want it here were it belongs.

It seems that some of the blog writers think that the respective
information belong to the blog and not to debian-devel :-(

Maybe there is an easy way (tool-wise) for the blog authors to
automatically duplicate entries of technical relevance to the

IMHO, the blog has some drawbacks:

- offline reading is difficult

- answering to questions difficult (not as easy as pressing
  'r'eply or 'g'roup reply in mutt)

- not archived (or is it?)

- valuable technical contents mixed with weather reports (low SNR)

So please, fellow DDs, if you have important information, share it
via the list, too!

Cheers, WB

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