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Re: /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults/ --- Why ­­/etc ?

Le dimanche 25 septembre 2005 à 20:14 -0400, Anthony DeRobertis a
écrit :
> Perhaps I'm missing something (please fill me in if I am), but there
> does not seem to be anything to edit in:
> > <?xml version="1.0"?>
> > <gconf>
> >         <entry name="statistics" mtime="1127335805" schema="/schemas/apps/aisleriot/statistics"/>
> >         <entry name="game_file" mtime="1127335805" schema="/schemas/apps/aisleriot/game_file"/>
> >         <entry name="click_to_move" mtime="1127335805" schema="/schemas/apps/aisleriot/click_to_move"/>
> >         <entry name="show_toolbar" mtime="1127335805" schema="/schemas/apps/aisleriot/show_toolbar"/>
> >         <entry name="card_style" mtime="1127335805" schema="/schemas/apps/aisleriot/card_style"/>
> >         <entry name="height" mtime="1127335805" schema="/schemas/apps/aisleriot/height"/>
> >         <entry name="width" mtime="1127335805" schema="/schemas/apps/aisleriot/width"/>
> > </gconf>

you can edit the default value, e.g.:
<entry name="height" mtime="1234567" schema="/schemas/apps/aisleriot/height" type="int" value="262"/>

> It does appear correct that gconf-editor can change these (well, or
> override them at least, I didn't run it as root), but why would an admin
> ever want to?

This way, the administrator can change the default value used by
applications. There is also a way to set mandatory settings the user
can't override.

Of course it's more elegant to put the upstream default values in a
directory the sysadmin cannot touch, and to
keep /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults for his use.
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