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armeb (was: architecture-specific release criteria - requalification needed)


* Lennert Buytenhek (buytenh@wantstofly.org) [050925 11:32]:
> So far we have (for sarge):
> - patches for apt, build-essential, cdrdao, dpkg, gcc, glibc, kaffe,
>   libsdl, linux-kernel-headers, ltrace, makedev, mozilla, strace and
>   util-linux to teach their config scripts/files et al. about the
>   armeb architecture;
> - patches for gal, libgc, quagga to hack around build/runtime failures;
> - patches for "all ARMs are little-endian" assumptions: apt, glibc, gmp,
>   modutils, ocaml (hackish), openssl, xfree86;
> - patches for gcc to make arm*b-*-* default to big-endian;
> - a patch for gcc 3.3 to work around PR22528 which (only) happens on
>   big-endian;

Can you please submit bug reports with patches for all such cases?


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