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Bug#329833: BTS "fixed" tag: RC-buggy packages may end up in testing due to NMU

Package: general
Severity: serious

NMUing a package to fix RC bugs can allow the RC-buggy version of the package
into testing. My guess is that this is occurring between the bugs being
tagged as "fixed" and the newer version entering the archive (as opposed to
merely being in one of the upload queues).

An instance of this happening:

gxine 0.4.1-1 is presently in testing. It is known to be RC-buggy (bug nos.
310712, 289412 and 295344); these were keeping it out of testing.

gxine 0.4.7-0.1, containing fixes for these, was uploaded on 4 Sept
(DELAYED/5-day) and the package was accepted and these bugs were tagged by
'katie' as "fixed" on 9 Sept, 13:47 -0700. Later, 0.4.1-1 made its way into

It looks like this simple tagging as "fixed" is insufficient (version
information is needed) or is occurring too early.

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