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The Debian package name for the ppc64 architecture is 'ppc64'

On 05-Sep-23 15:54, Sven Luther wrote:
> (and btw, i may have posted about in favour of ppc64 in the paste, but
> powerpc64 is indeed what looks best :)

Hello Sven,

six month ago the Debian package name for the ppc64 port was discussed 
on debian-devel and you voted for 'ppc64' in that discussion

A decision for the name 'ppc64' has been made six month ago.
The main reasons for that decision was that the LSB specifies
'ppc64' as the standard package name and that all other distributions
which have ppc64 packages use that name.

Packages in the Debian archive have started to use that name
in many places after that decision, e.g. 'dpkg', 'apt', 'gcc-4.0'
and many others. About 95% of the 'unstable' distribution have
been compiled for the ppc64 architecture using that name.

Please stop trying to change the package name 'ppc64'.

Andreas Jochens

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