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Re: Conflicting assignment of priviledged ports on boot

On Fri, 23 Sep 2005, Gernot Salzer wrote:
> - Modify portmap/bindresvport such that certain blacklisted
>   ports are skipped even if they are not yet in use when a
>   new priviledged port ist requested.

Since the braindamaged one here is portmap, that's probably best. Modify it
to never use anything that has an entry in /etc/services.  If we have too
much crap on /etc/services, clean that up a bit.

> The second solution requires only a few changes to Debian:
> - every daemon relying on a fixed port that might be affected by portmap
>   has to drop a file in /etc/portreserve upon package installation.

Nice amount of filesystem bloat to support broken design here.

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