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newbee network question

newbee - newbee - newbee (no shell, compile, write ect...)

i just installed debian and run KDE 3.3 with it. i can't find anywhere
 to access my networkcards. i have one card for the ADSL modem and one
 for the home network.

i had redhat with kde before and it was very easy to access the network
cards. did they remove this feature to keep linux to the diehard users?

i tried the ADSL/PPPOE manager, but even he can see my cards, he can't
access the cards either.

i assume now that this a debian issue rather than a KDE update issue. I
got the Debian 3.x bible, but it does not cover how to set up debian as
a internet router. not much luck on the net either, maybe i keep
looking under the wrong topics.

any help, apreciated 

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