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Re: Announcing an intention to produce an armeb port of Debian

On Mon, Sep 19, 2005 at 02:06:24PM +0200, Peter 'p2' De Schrijver wrote:

> It's not so unusual anymore since intel introduced the IXP series
> of chips which come with mostly BE oriented reference designs.

The nslu2 itself comes with an ixp4xx CPU, but the armeb port is also
used on a number of ixp2000 boards.  Having a big-endian arm distro to
run on the ixp2000 was an important reason for developing this port.

As to why I chose armeb instead of armbe, partially because of the
-EB/-EL thing, partially because the arch name also has the endianity
at the end (armv4b, armv4l, armv5teb, armv5tel), partially because when
I first started porting a distro to armeb, a number of tools (binutils?
I can't remember now.) did accept arm*b-*-* as target string but didn't
accept armbe-*-*.

The latter might have changed in the meanwhile, but the original
decision to use armeb instead of armbe was made over two years ago.


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