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Re: [libsmjs-dev]: Missing files

Thanks for the feedback, the improved script, etc.

I will fill the bug report.

Darren Salt wrote:
> I demand that Davi Leal may or may not have written...
> > I am missing the "js.msg" and "jsopcode.tbl" files in the
> > "libdevel/libsmjs-dev" development library package.
> >
> > The files are in the mozilla-thunderbird-dev and mozilla-dev packages,
> > but not in the libsmjs-dev.

> (Assuming bash...)
>   # aptitude download mozilla-dev
>   # dpkg-deb -x mozilla-dev_1.7.8.1sarge2_i386.deb foo
>   # cp -a foo/usr/include/mozilla/js/js{.msg,opcode.tbl} /usr/include/smjs/
>   # rm -rf foo
>   # rm mozilla-dev_1.7.8.1sarge2_i386.deb
> Note that these files /may/ not be the same as those which you say should
> be in libsmjs-dev.
> > Could you include the files in the libsmjs-dev package?.
> See <URL:http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Reporting>.
> (FWIW, if your application is intended to be buildable on non-Debian
> systems, you need to be aware that /usr/lib/smjs may be known as
> /usr/lib/js. I got build failure reports about this when I deprecated
> gxine's internal copy.)

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