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Removing yehia and gql?


When I started with Debian, I packaged several libraries which I am
upstream for. Since I don't actively develop these libraries
anymore[0], and they don't get much usage according to popcon, I'm
considering filing removal requests against ftp.d.o against them. The
libraries are:

* gql -- A C++ database interface in the spirit of JDBC, includes
         drivers for postgresql, mysql, sqlite and a command-line DB
         shell similiar to psql from PostgreSQL.

  Packages: libgql-0.5-1, libgql-0.5-dev, libgql-driver-0.5-pg,
            libgql-driver-0.5-mysql, libgql-driver-0.5-sqlite,
            libgql-0.5-script, gql-shell

* yehia -- A C++ application framework, centered on dynamically
           loadable plugins. This is used by GQL for loading the
           database drivers.

  Packages: libyehia0.5-0, libyehia0.5-dev, libyehia0.5-script-gtk

So, if you are interested in keeping these packages in Debian, please
speak up now, and maybe offer adopting them ;). I will still act as
upstream for bugfixes if needed, but there will be no active

[0] Well, frankly, after hacking in Scheme for a while now, I abhor
    the monstrosity that is C++, and don't want to spend time doing
    this in my free time, since my current day job requiring C++
    coding gives more than enough opportunity to enjoy that lovely
    pile of features that aims to make C a higher level language, but
    still doesn't add real expressiveness when compared to
    Scheme/CL. </rant mode="SCNR"> 

Regards, Rotty
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