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Re: architecture alias and disto rebuild

Adeodato Simó <asp16@alu.ua.es> writes:

>   IMHO, it's like if you say: "sometimes we move files around packages
>   but forget to add the proper replaces field; as this annoys our users,
>   let's make dpkg silently overwrite moved files".
>   Cheers,

Which is the default for stable:

% cat /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg 
# dpkg configuration file
# This file can contain default options for dpkg. All commandline
# options are allowed. Values can be specific by putting them after
# the option, seperated by whitespace and/or an `=' sign.
# Do not enable debsign by default; since Debian does not use embedded
# signature debsign would reject all packages.
# Allow file overlaps between packages. 

Let's not follow that example.


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