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Re: Managing users and groups within multiple devel chroots.

Richard Atterer <richard@2005.atterer.net> writes:

>>From the adduser/addgroup manpage:
>   If the file /usr/local/sbin/adduser.local exists, it will be executed
>   after the user account has been set up in order to do any local setup. 
>   The arguments passed to adduser.local are: username uid gid
>   home-directory, and the environment variables DEBUG and VERBOSE will be
>   set according to the settings in the master program.
> You can use this to execute the same adduser/addgroup command in the 
> chroot. While this doesn't guarantee that the different files are 100% in 
> sync, I think it'll get close enough for practical usage.

Ahh.  I had forgotten about that, and you're right, it might be "close
enough", but if it's possible to arrange for unified handling, I'd
really prefer that.

The main problem is that I want a solution that handles all users and
groups, and I want tools like adduser to continue to work correctly.
So far I haven't been able to tell if the behavior of adduser and the
related tools is configurable.  I can see how to authenticate against
other sources via lipam, but not how to re-route modifications.

Rob Browning
rlb @defaultvalue.org and @debian.org; previously @cs.utexas.edu
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