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Re: your mail

This one time, at band camp, Talal Al-Azem said:
> Hello.  I have recently installed emacs-bidi on suse 9.1, kde 3.2.3.  I have
> it running, but when I try to type in Arabic script in the right-to-left, it
> doesn?t appear correctly?i.e. don?t see anything on the screen, but I see
> the cursor moving.
> Any ideas?  Thanks, and sorry for what must be such a ridiculous ly basic
> question.
> p.s. any advice on a bidi sensitive (for arabic) latex editor on KDE or
> Gnome?  thanks.

This list is for general discussion of the development of Debian.  It
sounds like your question would be better suited to one the user
discussion lists.  The main one is debian-user@lists.debian.org, but
there are also several others aimed at people who use Debian in other
languages.  I do not remember offhand if there is an Arabic list at the
moment, however, sorry.  The full list of available mailing lists can be
found at http://lists.debian.org/
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