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Re: curl situation is intolerable

On Sep 12, Richard Atterer <richard@2005.atterer.net> wrote:

> > I do not believe that it's worth the effort, there are no really good
> > reasons to use OpenSSL in the long time.
> > Development effort should be focused on fixing any eventual gnutls bugs
> > (either in the library itself or in the libcurl glue).
> Well, how much is "in the long run"? It could be years. Furthermore,
One year at most, considering that so far I have not seen reports of
major problems with libcurl+libgnutls.

> OpenSSL is simply much more popular, plus it will stay the "primary" SSL
So what?

> implementation for curl upstream for the foreseeable future.
Again, who cares?
If Debian will use gnutls by default it will get more than enough


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