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Re: curl situation is intolerable

On Sun, Sep 11, 2005 at 09:46:26PM -0700, Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:
> Paul TBBle Hampson <Paul.Hampson@anu.edu.au> writes:
> > Mind you, the license/OpenSSLCallback conflict neccessarily
> > segregates the packages into two camps, those which are GPL, and
> > those which need the callback only supplied by the OpenSSL-linked
> > libcurl.
> You misunderstand my complaint.
> I do not care that a given package cannot link to SSL and also be
> GPLd.  That's a hassle, but it's endurable.
> What I complain is that, once the packages have been so segregated, it
> is now *impossible* to even install both kinds on the same Debian
> system at the same time.  *That* is intolerable.
> I don't care about the callback.  The package maintainers have the job
> of deciding whether the packages implement the same ABI or not.
> If the answer is "yes", then they should both be drop-in replacements,
> and Provide the same virtual package.
> If the answer is "no", then they should install different files in the
> Debian namespace and should not Conflict with each other.
> DECIDE, and then do whichever.  But the current "solution" is utterly
> unacceptible.  

Thomas, i'm aware of the poor (non-)solution currently realized.

yesterday i was rolling a new upload with a modified name for
libcurl3-gnutls to allow both the packages to be installed at the same
time when i finally understood why i probably need versioned symbols.

then i looked for some kind soul (Matthias Urlichs) who introduced me
to the world of versioned symbols.

so my next favourite solution is:

curl                   openssl
libcurl3               openssl, versioned symbols
libcurl3-dev           openssl
libcurl3-gnutls        gnutls, versioned symbols
libcurl3-gnutls-dev    gnutls
libcurl3-dbg           openssl

will libcurl3 with versioned symbols break existing packages linked
to it?


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