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Re: Bug#326779: fixed in wmfire 1.2.1-6

>   In the future, please try to find out if your package is part of some
>   transition, in order not to interfere with it. The Release Team is
>   also aware this information is not very easily accessible, and will
>   think of ways of improving the situation.

First of all, I apologize for complicating this matter with my upload. I
will be more careful to check for this before uploading newly adopted

I am sure that this idea has been discussed before, but it seems to me
that it would be fairly straightforward to implement a mechanism whereby
all packages involved in transitions could be explicitely marked as
frozen in unstable, preventing new uploads from succeeding before the
transition was complete.

I absolutely agree that a certain amount of diligence should be required
from all developers, but it also seems that technical solutions should
also be put in place insasmuch as possible. (Maybe I simply
under-estimate the difficulty of this proposition, being entirely
unfamiliar with the current infrastructure.)


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