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Re: Debian OpenSolaris port, exchange with Sun folks in webforum/MailingList

[Lionel Elie Mamane]
> Wouldn't the C library, of all libs, fall under the "normally
> distributed with the major components of the operating system on
> which the executable runs" clause of the GPL?

Read that sentence closely.  If _you_ are distributing _both_ libc and
gplfoo, then the "normally distributed with" clause does not apply.
You only get this exception if the whole OS is distributed by some
other party.

What this means is that some other party could produce a distribution
of OpenSolaris without any GPL software, and Debian could then
distribute *only* non-CDDL bits, separately, intended to run on
Distributor Foo's OpenSolaris kernel and system core.

Of course, that entire Debian port would have to live in contrib, since
it is not at all useful without non-Debian components.

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