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Re: mesag3 <-> xlibmesa-gl / libgl1-mesa-dri <-> xlibmesa-dri / libglu1-mesa <-> libglu1-xorg

On Sat, Sep 03, 2005 at 05:30:52PM -0400, Michel Dänzer wrote:

 > I tried building from SVN:
 > [...]
 > mkdir -p debian/stamp/ && touch debian/stamp/target-gl-debian-debug
 > dh_testdir
 > chmod +x debian/shadowtree
 > rm -f -rf build/gl-debian-debug-i386
 > debian/shadowtree build/gl-debian-debug-i386

 Ah, sorry about that.

 I reworked a few parts of debian/rules and forgot to take the optimized
 builds into account.

 It's fixed now.

 > >  I just need to know if they work fine with the current X server in
 > >  unstable or if I need to wait for the 6.9 X server.
 > FWIW, we generally try to preserve backwards compatibility, so they
 > *should* work with the X server in sid. The r200 driver from Mesa CVS
 > certainly works here, although I'm not using the DDX driver from
 > xserver-xorg either. :)

 Ok, I'll try that on the hardware I have (i815 I think).

 > The attached patch adds the IMO appropriate Conflicts:, Replaces: and
 > Provides: for libgl1-mesa-dri{,-dev}.

 Oh, thanks, I forgot those, too :-P

 > >  And co-maintaining is always welcomed.
 > Okay, do you intend to use the pkg-mesa-devel list?



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