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Re: Debian package and OpenSSL stuff

Le vendredi 02 septembre 2005 à 13:45 -0400, Roberto C. Sanchez a
écrit :
> On Fri, Sep 02, 2005 at 07:07:02PM +0200, Jean-Philippe Garcia Ballester wrote:
> >   Hi,
> >   I heard OpenSSL's license is incompatible with GPL. Does this apply to
> > binary package only or both binary and source package?
> >   The thing is, the library I'm packaging can use both libcrypto (from
> > OpenSSL) and libgcrypt, using ifdef. The binary package is built with
> > libgcrypt support only.
> >   Should I remove OpenSSL support in the source, or is it okay to leave
> > it?
> free, I simply ignore it.  I believe that the same would apply to your
> package.  If you are only linking to ligcrypt (regardless of the code's
> ability to link to alternate implementations), it is main and so you are
> OK.

True. You can even have OpenSSL support in the binary if, for example,
the application can use either libgcrypt or libcrypto depending on a
command-line switch, dlopen()ing either of the libraries. This way, it
wouldn't really require OpenSSL to run.
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