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Re: To Linux or not to Linux

On Sat, 03 Sep 2005 08:29:03 +1000, Paul TBBle Hampson wrote:

> Coming directly after "wrong list" possibly helped that, although
> I didn't read it as such.

My mistake, Wouter has explained and I'm more than happy now ;-)

> Of course, now I'm posting... I disagree with Yavor that we should use
> GNU/Linux so that people will go to gnu.org [...]
> I believe we should use GNU/Linux because we're using GNU libc

That's ok, so even from technical point of view people should call it
GNU/Linux.  I am more concerned about the moral issues, though. 

> So GNU/FreeBSD for the kfreebsd port

Thanks to the people involved in development of this port one day I'll be
able to install on my old Alpha not only a GNU system, but the system I am
familiar with -- Debian.  The Linux kernel will never boot on it as the
kernel team has declared several times that people having TurboChannel Bus
Alphas are not important (which is in fact, true).

> The name of the distribution should reflect the contents of that
> distribution, rather than the politics it may or may not endorse.

I agree, it is a GNU system, hence the name -- GNU/Linux (with a piece of
deserved credit to Linus).  Calling it only "Debian" is fine as well.

Yavor Doganov			JID: doganov@jabber.minus273.org
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