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Re: To Linux or not to Linux

On Fri, Sep 02, 2005 at 04:05:25PM -0400, Joe Smith wrote:
> >parse error.
> >
> >1. Yavor Doganov says something.
> >2. Wouter Verhelst: Yeah. _We_ know.
> >3. Yavor Doganov: Is suddenly "sad" that Wouter (seems to) agree(s).
> >
> >WTF?
> I assume that by 'preching to the choir' Wouter meant:  the people you are 
> trying to convince already believe in what you are saying.

That's indeed the case.

> I suspect that Yavor interpeted this as: the people you are trying to 
> convince don't care.

... and that is absolutely _not_ what I meant :-)

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