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Re: Bug#325643: libcurl and moc

Hi all,

I bounced this message to debian-devel to force a solution with the
curl ssl/gnutlds diverties.

On Tue, 30 Aug 2005 the mental interface of
Daniel Stenberg told:

> Hi
> The problem you have with libcurl and OpenSSL/GnuTLS is not strictly an 
> "upstream problem".
> In the curl project there are some ideas floating around that are being 
> discussed on how this could be fixed for Debian (and other distros) but that is 
> only because they don't do it themselves, it is not because it is an actual 
> problem in the curl camp. It is more of an indirect annoyance.
> Also, discussions are only talk. There is no fix or solution in the work for 
> the nearest period of time. Everyone's invited to come help sort it out.
> In my view, there's only one available work-around for the short to mid term, 
> and that is to use a separate .so file for libcurl built with GnuTLS.

My resume on Daniels point of view is to get a different .so name
for gnutls in the very short term and kick off ssl in Debian apps
midterm! Note, this will _not be done upstream_! This is not as hard
as Marco's demand, but we have to do it in that way. There are some
curl based packages like oggvorbistools, moc etc which are at the
moment uninstallable and herewith I invite Domenico to provide a
package where gnutls and ssl can exist beside in one installation.
For me, as a not much experienced voluntary I'll spend some spare
time to understand the technique on how to do that and hopefully can
assist Domenico to create a package.


  We all know Linux is great... it does infinite loops in 5 seconds.
        -- Linus Torvalds

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