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Re: Documentation of alioth?

=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Rapha=EBl?= Hertzog writes...

> I know Wichert is a bit disappointed because despite all the
> money/sponsors we have, we're waiting for more than a year for a new
> machine. The main problems appears to be DSA who must give an approval
> that they're willing to admin the machine before we can decide to buy
> it/accept the donation... and since DSA are always overwhelmed with more
> urgent issues (new ftpmaster and so on), we're getting nowhere.

Actually the problem is that HP promised hardware for alioth but before we 
could order it a company spending freeze happened. I'm glad to report that it 
looks like we're going to be able to order things again and it will get 
ordered soon. This still means we're at least a month from having the hardware 
arrive, assembled, installed, shipped to a hosting sponsor, and ready to 
transition. Then the transition will take some time too...

Sorry for the delay, thanks for you patience.

Matt Taggart
taggart@debian.org aka taggart@fc.hp.com

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