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Re: Documentation of alioth?

Le vendredi 26 août 2005 à 12:04 +0200, Martin Schulze a écrit :
> Hi Raphaël,

Hi Joey,

> I'm sorry, but I have to tell you that you're wrong in your assertion.

I've been corrected by Wiggy on IRC too. Although what I said before was
not invented, I've read part of it in #debian-devel in the mouth of
Overfiend (Branden)...

It looks like the actual problem is more lack of donors and the fact
that Branden is not willing to spend money on it.

Maybe a brief status of the "hardware donations" people would be nice ?

> Also DSA does not have anything to do with ftpmaster work.  The
> ftpmaster people organise themselves on their own.

Right, it's so easy to confuse with common people on the various
teams ... :-)


PS: Good news, I actually have root rights now, I'll take some time this
WE for treating the easy issues in the support request.
Raphaël Hertzog

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