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Re: Debian shared libs use far more memory than required

On Fri, Aug 26, 2005 at 12:21:07AM +0200, Stephane Chauveau wrote:
> I am not really surprised because I just compared the linker scripts 
> from 2.15 and 2.16.
> They have a different section ordering and the official debian package 
> clearly follows the 2.16 ordering. Also, there was no differences 
> between the linker scripts in 2.16 and in  2.16.1
> My main suspect is still libtool.

The libtool version in debian didn't change for a while so I
doubt this.  And since the source itself didn't change either, I
don't see how libtool can cause this at all.

Do you only see this difference with libraries, or also with

This seems to have been a temporary problem that has now gone
away, and all the obvious candidates don't seem to be the cause.

Building the same source (from sid) on sarge gives:
.rodata             689389   2101632
.data                40000   3907584

Which is comparable to the current version in sarge:
.rodata           684173   2084992
.data              40000   3883168


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