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Re: making developer location from ldap public?

On Thu, Aug 25, 2005 at 05:57:30PM +0200, Robert Lemmen wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 25, 2005 at 12:17:28PM -0300, Ben Armstrong wrote:
> > You're still describing the "what" and not the "why".  In your original
> > proposal you talked about "fellow Debian developers" needing access for
> > keysignings, drinks, etc.  Well, fellow DDs can already do this.  But
> > why does the public need access?  Except for the very special case of a
> > new maintainer applicant (for whom the keysigning procedure posted at
> > nm.debian.org[0] is supposed to work -- and so far as I know, it does,)
> > noone other than a DD ever needs to see this info.  Or if there is some
> > other legitimate need, please build your case for it.
> there are two reasaons: 
> - while debian developers might have access to it, it's in a form that
>   makes it hard to access it,

I don't know if you're a Debian developer yourself; if you are, you
would know that the LDAP directory also contains full address
information and phone numbers. Of course this information isn't public
either. For contacting developers in real life, this is obviously far
more useful than latitude/longtitude.

>   so i doubt that anyone will look up who is living at some place when
>   he gets there. making this more accessible is way easier if the one
>   accessing the info doesn't need to autheticate himself as a
>   developer

Yes, but that would make the information pretty public. I wouldn't have
any problem with that myself, but I can imagine that some people would.

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