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Re: removing /etc/hotplug.d/ support

also sprach Marco d'Itri <md@Linux.IT> [2005.08.24.1727 +0200]:
> I'd like to know your opinion about speeding up the transition and
> removing right now support for hotplug.d/ in your packages, making
> them depend on udev.

I have two comments: udev is a device node manager, not a hook
system for generic actions to be taking when a device is plugged or
unplugged. RUN rules kinda make this possible, but udev is on the
right track of doing the wrong thing (i.e. too much).

The other comment is that udev is not generally accepted. A lot of
people still have reservations about it. Moreover, several setups
cannot be migrated to udev just like that, including 2.4 kernels,
but also machines with devices not supporting the new kernel driver
model (e.g. commercial drivers). Using udev is a decision that
affects large other parts of the system and may break it. Requiring
users to make that decision in favour of udev just to use my
package (libphidgets) is a little over the top.

PS: no need to CC me, I read -devel.

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