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Re: how to fully replace another package

On Wed, 2005-08-24 at 16:30 +0200, Marco d'Itri wrote:
> On udev systems events are received by udevd, either using udevsend or
> (when the kernel input subsystem will be fixed) a netlink socket.
> /sbin/hotplug does not enter in the picture at all.
> Then the default udev configuration will run the hotplug.d/ handlers.

Aha!  OK.  That makes it perfectly clear.  So the mere existence of the
default handler causes it to be run, and there's no way to stop that
without purging it.  This seems like a very bad design.

> This is not strictly needed, but I cannot avoid it until udev will
> become mandatory to have hotplug support (is there a consensus on this?).

Could udev be modified to not run the hotplug.d handlers
if /sbin/hotplug is missing?  (Or is that even the right thing to do?)

> > 3a. if a specific handler isn't found, any handler(s) in the default
> > directory are called
> No, default handlers are always run.

Doh!  Stupid me.  That's evident now in a reread of the code *and* GKH
even says so in his comments.

Thanks for clarifying the nature of the problem.


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