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Re: More pbuilder use!

Roger Leigh <rleigh@whinlatter.ukfsn.org> writes:

> "Joe Smith" <unknown_kev_cat@hotmail.com> writes:
>> Actually perhaps software should be built outside of clean
>> chroots. Why?  Because if there is a possibility that a dirty chroot
>> will cause the package to fail, there is a bug in some peice of
>> software. It could prevent a user from recompiling on his own
>> system, which thusly defeats the point of having the source in the
>> first place.
> This is incorrect.  Since the chroot environment is a full Debian
> installation in its own right, this is wrong.
> At least for me with by sbuild/schroot setup, I have a set of chroots,
> currently:
> $ schroot --list
> default
> sarge
> sid
> stable
> unstable
> But you can't build with sbuild until you have a .dsc, which means you
> first need to build /outside/ the chroot, and then queue it for
> building once you have done a successful build on the host system.
> Hence your concern is unjustified.

debuild -S; sbuild

You can circumvent it easy enough if you try.

I often do "debuild -us -uc -nc" outside the chroot till i get the
package to build and then build just source and dump it into the local
buildd to confirm a full, clean build works too.

> You could do the initial build in the chroot, but because it's a
> minimal environment it's not geared for development, just building,
> which makes it impractical (no editors, for example).

xemacs /mnt/chroot/home/mrvn/pkg/foo.c

Not realy a problem.

> Bugs in a clean chroot build are generally build dependency issues,
> and the same issues are also present on the host system, but are not
> always detectable, particularly if configure picks enables some
> feature at random because of some random package being present.
> Uploading stuff not built in a chroot means the build is not
> independently reproducible, and might be different to the autobuilt
> version the other 10 architectures got.  In this respect, i386 is kind
> of a second-class arch WRT the package build quality.  Autobuilding
> all packages (whether or not we do source only uploads) would remove
> this cause of hard-to-find bugs and random breakage.

Agreed. I fully support you there.

>> If users can make the changes they want, than Debian is NOT free.
> I think you got that backwards ;-)
> Regards,
> Roger


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