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Re: More pbuilder use!

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"Joe Smith" <unknown_kev_cat@hotmail.com> writes:

> Actually perhaps software should be built outside of clean
> chroots. Why?  Because if there is a possibility that a dirty chroot
> will cause the package to fail, there is a bug in some peice of
> software. It could prevent a user from recompiling on his own
> system, which thusly defeats the point of having the source in the
> first place.

This is incorrect.  Since the chroot environment is a full Debian
installation in its own right, this is wrong.

At least for me with by sbuild/schroot setup, I have a set of chroots,

$ schroot --list

But you can't build with sbuild until you have a .dsc, which means you
first need to build /outside/ the chroot, and then queue it for
building once you have done a successful build on the host system.
Hence your concern is unjustified.

You could do the initial build in the chroot, but because it's a
minimal environment it's not geared for development, just building,
which makes it impractical (no editors, for example).

Bugs in a clean chroot build are generally build dependency issues,
and the same issues are also present on the host system, but are not
always detectable, particularly if configure picks enables some
feature at random because of some random package being present.
Uploading stuff not built in a chroot means the build is not
independently reproducible, and might be different to the autobuilt
version the other 10 architectures got.  In this respect, i386 is kind
of a second-class arch WRT the package build quality.  Autobuilding
all packages (whether or not we do source only uploads) would remove
this cause of hard-to-find bugs and random breakage.

> If users can make the changes they want, than Debian is NOT free.

I think you got that backwards ;-)


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