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Re: how to fully replace another package

Em Ter, 2005-08-23 às 11:11 -0700, Steve Langasek escreveu:
> If you do that, how do you ensure that these two cases are both handled
> sanely?:
> - after installing the coldplug package, the admin purges the hotplug
>   package, and later reinstalls it (removing coldplug)
> - after installing the coldplug package, the admin reinstalls hotplug
>   (removing coldplug), expecting this to give a hotplug package with a
>   working config
> Since the principal reason for preserving these unmodified conffiles would
> surely be so that they could be restored later, both scenarios seem
> relevant.

I can't really answer that question. That's why I thought it would be
important to warn the admin about this.

We don't have policy mandating that the conffiles should have no effect
when the package is removed, though that should be a general rule that
was not taken into account in this particular case; I don't see a
clearer solution other than this one and removing the
file /etc/hotplug.d/default/default.hotplug.

I don't really know the dynamics that cause this file to be ran anyway,
so I think I'll have to do some more research if I am to find some
better solution.

I was just pointing out that purging is not the way to go.

See ya,

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