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Re: how to fully replace another package

Em Seg, 2005-08-22 às 01:32 +0200, Marco d'Itri escreveu:
> The (still not uploaded) coldplug package conflicts+depends+provides
> hotplug. The issue is that since all the important parts of hotplug are
> conffiles they are not deleted when the package is removed, and this
> is bad (as in "the system will probably not boot" bad).

I can't understand why that would be the case; could you please

> Does a way to force purging the package exist?
> Is there anything else I can do, other than deleting the files in the
> hotplug postinst?

I think you should simply not be going that way; the conffiles are to
remain, you should not be touching them. I think I'd go for a 'move them
aside to some kind of backup place and warn the admin by email (debconf

Understanding why you need to do this would be very important on trying
to give you advice on what to do, anyway, I think.

See ya,

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