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Re: Bug#324677: ITP: fruit -- Fruit is an UCI-only chess engine.

Thanks for all the good advice, I will be more descriptive with the "short" 
and "long" description, as I see that this is really necessary. 

And I will be more careful while using reportbug, because I don't want to 
bother people with ""Fruit is ..., Fruit is ..., Fruit is..." -- sorry

Where I don't agree is changing the package name.  fruit is the name of the 
original package and I don't  see the point in changing that. We have 
"orange, plum and apple2" in debian and nobody complains, because fruits ;) 
are not to be mixed up with real fruits in computer language.

Thanks again for taking care,


P.S.: knights is in sid, and I have a package ready for polyglot, which you 
can use to connect xboard and scid
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