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Re: More pbuilder use!

** Joe Smith ::

> Actually perhaps software should be built outside of clean chroots. Why?
> Because if there is a possibility that a dirty chroot will cause the package
> to fail, there is a bug in some peice of software. It could prevent a user
> from recompiling on his own system, which thusly defeats the point of having
> the source in the first place.  If a package Fails To Build From Source on a
> end-user system it is an RC bug. By bug definitions i would say a minimum of
> 'serious', but 'critical' would be better. Why? Simple: If users can make the
> changes they want, than Debian is NOT free. If it is not free, it has failed.

I vehemently disagree. I think exactly the opposite: debbuild and/or
dpkg-buildpackage should *always* build a package inside a clean and
minimal chroot jail. This way, (1) every package will predictably
build from (unchanged) source and (2) every variation that the user
*wants* in his package becomes documented in the debian/* files.


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